Multirider Centre

3D Coaching's mission is to bring modern training tools to the Region to enable athletes of all abilities develop their skills and fitness necessary to realise their goals.  The meet this goal, 3D Coaching has acquired a bank of 6 Computrainers available for all athletes.
Benefits of using Computrainers:
- Increase your cycling power
- Increase your cycling efficiency
- Ride Courses from around the World
- SpinScan Pedal Stroke Analysis
- Controlled environment for Functional Threshold Test
- Race your Mates

Computrainer Fee Structure
Functional Threshold Test - $40*
Spin Scan and Video Analysis - $50*
1 Hour Session - $15*
Up to 2hr Session - $20*
Up to 3hr Session - $25*
3hr plus Session - $30*
^ Buy 10 Sessions and receive a second FTT for $15
# Discount applies for Group Bookings
* Discount applies for 3D Athletes

Book your session now or find out more at 3D Coaching / Triathlon or email