Squad Session

3D Coaching provides Athletes of all experiences and fitness levels a safe and social environment to achieve their individual goal.

Weekly squad sessions are available to anyone interested.

3D Swim Squad - Monday & Wednesday 5:00pm (Western Suburbs Pool)
Swim program varies between technique focus sessions to base build and speed session. Coach Russell is on deck to help identify stroke improvements and efficiency.
Cost is $5 + Pool entry

3D Group Run Squad - Tuesday 5pm & Thursday 5:30pm (Western Suburbs Pool)
Run program varies between base build, speed and fartlek sessions to increase speed and endurance in a friendly, encouraging environment; and best of all, Coach Karlene is out there running with the group.
Cost is $3

3D Bike Skills - Thursday 5:15pm (Western Suburbs Pool)
Skills range from bike maintenance, bike handling, transition practice and variety of other bike skills to develop your control and confidence in riding.
Cost is $5

For Group rides and runs, refer to our Facebook page 3D Coaching / Triathlon for details.